Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anticipation of November

All the November issues of  magazines have golden leaves, turkeys and pumpkins.  It makes you want to rush out to purchase these items as though you could not live a moment longer without.  On our side of the Square here in Huntsville, finally some of the other stores are getting in the mood for the upcoming holidays. I was decorated the first of October.

Yesterday Twanya at a neighboring store went to the feed store and got rectangular bales of hay for us to use and this made some difference in the spirit of things. I have to say it sure looks like Fall around here.

To the left is a page from the November Country Living. The leaf looks so crisp I can almost touch it.

I love this page from the current Martha Stewart Living November issue. Quiet and elegant yet saying it all!!!!
Do we remember to give thanks?  Each Thanksgiving when my entire family comes together at our house, the 
kids are anxious to eat but we take time to reflect on the blessings we have received through the year. And to give thanks back to our Creator. 

And last but not least of the November magazines is, Romantic Homes.  Their cover is beautiful and colorful. There are gorgeous recipes inside.

My favorite time of the year, right after Christmas is soon coming when my family will be home together again.  I look forward to cooking all the night before and rushing around to make sure it is as perfect as I can make it for them.
My poor husband James is a helper. He will do anything I assign him.
He will wash up dishes, mop the floor or clean toilets. He alleges that I do not ever really clean house but once a year, prior to Thanksgiving.
I want to make the day the best I can and make the best memories for all of us, children and adults. 

When I am past and the kids and their own kids gather for Thanksgiving,
I want to hear from Heaven, remember when Mom did this and that.
That would be a reward only a Mother could understand.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Old cookbooks below from the store so no matter whether you use your grandma's recipes or some you gather from magazines or friends, cook cook cook.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Lois, I just love this post! Thanksgiving gets lost so much of the time... Halloween, straight to Christmas. I really savor the fall season with it's warmth and closeness to family and nature. Thanks for the reminder, and what better legacy than our children blessing us and their good memories.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That's a sweet post Lois, so much to reflect on and yes many blessings we have for sure. I sure hope the new RH gets here before Friday! See you soon, T

AuroraSuzette said...

Thanksgiving is, has always been, my favorite holiday...maybe because it's always been the time the most of my family gets together.We all say what we're thankful for, and even put it in a book a few times. And fall is my favorite season!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi Lois,
Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such a kind comment! So glad to have found your blog! Thanksgiving is so close.....Yicks! Christmas trees soon! I laughed when you said your husband says you never really clean. Mine says the same thing!lol

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love fall and Thanksgiving! What a lovely post about family traditions and the blessings of God:).



~La Rustique Market~ said...

What a lovely post! The Fall Season is a favorite of mine because of the togetherness of our families, friends and the beauty of nature as well.

Have a great week!

Six divided by two..... said...

What a wonderful blog. I simply love it. So much so thaT I am now a follower.