Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A salute to our Veterans

Today we stop to celebrate our Veterans and what they have contributed to making us the Land of the Free.
Today they are worn, beaten, injured but still supporting the United States of America. No matter your
political preferance or whether you support the current administration or not, today is a day to honor our
Veterans. They did not check first to see what political party was in office before serving in our military forces.
Today put aside these differences for a moment to give our respect for the military today and in the past. They proudly served!!!

My grandfather Frank Murry during his WW 1 days as a soldier. This was when he was very young. He was great fun for a grandfather telling us wonderful stories of his life and people he had known. I have to say he made the summers very interesting when he came to stay with us shortly before his death.
The orange color on the photo is not blood, but just something picked up during the years on the picture. This is the only one we have of him during his soldiering days. 

A WW 1 Uniform picture below is of uniform here in the store 

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A lovely tribute!