Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Friday

Today I am posting to copy others who have gone with Black Friday. No other reason. Oh, and it is fun.
(The picture on my header is from the front table here in the store decorated for Thanksgiving. )

To the left is an old Victorian hat in the store here and to the right is a duo of old black stone necklaces. They are both from 1900 to 1920.    In the middle is a 1800's black mourning dress which appears almost a charcoal here but in real light it is as black as black can
       can be. And the next one is a c 1910 black velvet dress with a large bow. This one feels so good to touch and is very luxurious looking. With it is a 1930's black handbag with a brass clasp and chain. The chair is part of a parlor set here in the store that has original silk velvet fabric on it and carved angels. It is truly a beautiful set of settee, rocker and arm chair and 2 side chairs. From another place in time.

This is my contribution to Black Friday. Hope your Friday is going well.
With Thanksgiving coming up next week I will probably not post until I get all decorated for Christmas
and will show some scenes of my Christmas window displays.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family time together.

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Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Lois, love all your black vintage attire, the jewelry is gorgeous. OK, I have to scream this...I LOVE YOUR HEADER photo of all the fabulous dishes! I just want to grab them all and make away with them! Have a wonderful week before Thanksgiving!!!