Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back Home for Christmas

We made it back and are so very tired from such a long trip in only 4 days. There were so many things that did not work like we wanted and we spent lots of time fixing those. Like seats were changed after we had them reserved. We arrived in Los Angeles and rented the car but the traffic was terrible at that time of day and it took much longer to even get out of LA.
We traveled about 5 hours I think north toward Paso Robles and arrived about 10pm that night in time only to check into our hotel and fall in bed.  The next morning we had breakfast and went on to his brother's house to see the others. His brother Dan and his wife Jan are great hosts but I don't think we ever had a conversation with either of them in the time we were there. They were so busy.
Lunch was at their daughter's home and after lunch they had planned a scavenger hunt in which teams were pre-selected according to age I believe.  The location was in the town around the park. It lasted at least 2 hours and probably more like 3. I pooped out after 1 hour of intense walking since I was not in shoes that were appropriate for exercizing/walking.  The scavenger hunt ended at a coffeehouse and this was the best part since it involved hot coffee and cocoa.
The next thing was back to Dan and Jan's for the evening meal of lasagna which is kind of traditional for this family. The program that followed was a video of the children of the family in costume doing a live nativity.
This included donkeys from daughter Melinda's place where there were all kinds of animals as well as donkeys. There was no speaking but gestures used for each of the actors. It was cute but serious too.
Family pictures were taken of the whole family sitting on the grape harvest wagon.
Their home is located on part of their vineyard.
Afterwards we went back to our hotel and bed. Still tired.
I think James enjoyed seeing his family very much. He could go out more often since he can fly free when I am not along but he does not like to go without me. He flies free because one of his sons is a pilot but when I go we always pay full fare for both of us so we can fly together and he not on space available and me paying which may put us on different flights. I would not go if we had to go on different flights.
The following morning we left for LA and drove back the scenic route through Santa Barbara and the Pacific Coastline. It was a much better route than Hwy.5 up through the breadbasket area of Ca.
Returned the rental car and spent the night in hotel again, leaving the following morning at 9am for home.
Flight was packed due to Christmas. Smooth trip home.
Got home to find out one of my grandsons is sick with swine flu and pneumonia. This was a rude homecoming and took any benefit of 4 days away away instantly. We would welcome your prayers for him.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lois, have you caught your breath yet! Girl, you didn't have time to enjoy your trip, or so it seemed. Now, you are really going to have a take a nice quiet vacation somewhere or maybe just stay home for a few days. Sending prayers for your grandson. Hope you and James and all have a wonderful Christmas!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Lois, what a whirlwind Christmas trip! It sounds like a lovely time, and I'm sure the countryside you visited was gorgeous, always good to be home though. I'll be praying for your grandson, for a quick recovery. Thank you, Lois for your words of encouragement and blessing.
Hugs and Christmas blessings,

The Victorian Parlor said...

It sounds like it was a busy visit but fun. Glad you had a safe trip. My prayers for your grandson's quick and full recovery:). Merry Christmas!