Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas trip

We leave tomorrow early for a trip to California to visit my husband's family. They have their Christmas every year the weekend before Christmas. This, I have always felt was very fair of them. Then each smaller unit of the family can still have Christmas with their own or with the other side. 

We do not always go but this year James felt it was important since his brother Don has been very sick, even losing the ability to walk for some time. He has had to re-learn how to walk.  He asked James to try to make it this year and it has been  3 missed Christmas gatherings. With the store to run it is harder to get away. And James did spend 2 weeks last summer camping in Yosemite with his grandchildren and children. 

This year also James' son from Greece will be attending.
Although James was with him and his sons on the camping trip, we really treasure those times we get to spend with Marc. The other son, Kevin lives in California. And flies out of Houston with his job as a pilot.

But it is for James' brothers that we are going. They live all over the state but the gathering is held at Paso Robles, Ca.
where one brother lives with his family.

There is going to be little time for anything since we fly out from Houston tomorrow morning and when we arrive in Los Angeles we go then on a 6 hour trip by rental car. The actual party is held on Sat. afternoon but there is visiting among the siblings during the whole day. We return to Los Angeles on Sunday night to be there for a quick getaway Monday morning. That is the reason I am not looking forward to this trip. Too much in too little time. But I could only get Bette to
fill in for me for this time as she is leaving on a trip with her family to Hawaii for Christmas week. Another time I would like to drive out and take our time and maybe be gone two weeks total. The way we usually do it is just too much in too short a time. And all our time is spent traveling.

So to all I say Merry Christmas.



The Victorian Parlor said...

Have a safe trip and have a wonderful time with your family!!!



FrenchGardenHouse said...

Merry, Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful trip. xoxo Lidy