Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas decorating JOY TO THE WORLD

Well the past three days have been spent in heavy decorating for the store. I am exhausted. James is exhausted too. The three display windows are the worst. You can not see the whole window in each but can see maybe part of what is seen from the outside.
The Downtown Antique dealers all wanted to go with a Polar Bear Express theme, however I could not do that. 

I do not care what the theme is here. There is only one theme to me and that is Joy to the World, the Lord is come.

I am not going to beat around the bush and say happy holiday to you either. I will say Merry Christmas no matter whether politically correct or not.
THIS IS CHRISTMAS. It is not a generic holiday like Halloween, or Thanksgiving or whatever you want to add. 

My windows reflect this although in one smaller one there is a Santa in a sleigh with gifts for the kiddies.

The other window is set up as a Church with a Choir singer in antique ivory choir robe and burgundy velvet dress. The two old windows are hung over each other to look like one in Church. I had a stained glass to place over that but it just did not hang safely there so we scratched that idea. There is a brass antique music stand and sheet music. I will try to add a picture of this when the sun is not bright on that side of the building.
I like it. I have received compliments about it and it did not cost me $ 40 per panel to have the art student pain a train and tracks on them. Sometimes you have to just be yourself and run with your own herd.

I wanted something all in green and white for the main window and I hope it looks as I wanted it to.
Due to the glare it is not as clear as it is in real life. But the angel is wearing a 1925 Wedding dress with her feather wings.  Over her is the star leading the way. 

"Ring out, ye bells, o'er all the earth,
To tell with brazen voice,
The tidings of the Savior's birth
And bid mankind rejoice" 
from Seven Hundred Album Verses c 1884

Another shot:  

Above and Below table decor in the front of the store. There are many displays:  one of the front table is in all white and green and gold and silver.
The Christmas cards are from days of old on an angel holder.   


To the right is another all in reds.  Old Christmas ornaments. Always treasured.

To the left is outside the front door, done up in yellow and reds.
This is one of a pair of lights that are for sale here in the store. They are quite large. Used to hang in Athens Bar and Grill on the ship channel in Houston when it was open many years ago. 
I thought it looked Christmasy.
To each of you in this season, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours. Let the true reason for Christmas shine in each of us.


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Lois, you just crack me up with your honesty! And very true. Have a "MERRY CHRISTMAS"!!

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