Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Dolls

I wanted to show you some of my doll collection. It is not any one type doll but rather I have an interest in any old dolls. Here are the military and boy dolls. I use some of them in the display window at the store during July. The larger doll to the left is a West Point Doll  and his history is unknown. He is very old. The Army soldier is a favorite of mine  but I would have a hard time choosing my most favorite.
Next are one German doll with the eyelashes missing plus some composition dolls and even a Shirley Temple and cowgirl doll. The Taylor Tot is one like I used as a baby. I will later add a picture of me in the same.The cowgirl doll is from the 1950's as is the one dressed in red and white checks. The one with white blouse and brown skirt is German from about 1900.
An old Madame Alexander I call Chuckles is riding in an old doll buggy. She is very soft and beautiful.
Well, here are some of the Bride dolls as well as a small composition Dolly Dimple doll on the table. Some are not so old  but are  gifts from family and friends. The doll to the extreme right is a 1960 bride doll.

My grandkids are afraid of the German dolly with the big eyes. She has the 4 teeth showing but it is the lack of eyelashes that makes her scary to them. She has her original dress.I think she is beautiful even without her eyelashes but you have to have achieved some age yourself to appreciate this type of imperfection.
Another that is imperfect is the doll to the right in that same picture of the German big eyed doll is one in  pink and white floral dress. Her face is cracked as happens to many old composition dolls but to me she is still beautiful. I like to think she is an example of humankind, cracked or hurt but still vital and important. 
And above is a pirate or gypsy doll and another elegantly costumed doll. The pirate has human gray hair. Very detailed and is a Bernard Ravca.

This black and white doll is French in design and not terribly old but one I have kept. He looks like I do on some days after a busy week or a particularly hard to please customer. Or one who comes in to ask if I have any antique king sized beds. I always get this look when I explain they were not made 100 years ago(with the exception of some special custom made on plantations and others who were wealthy to request such larger sized beds). 

I guess all antique stores get these perplexing questions. It is like when you answer your phone and say "This is Callie Magee Antiques, how may I help you?" and the person at the other end asks, "Is this Callie Magees?". Never fails to take my breath away and I have to start counting to 10 and beyond. Why do people do this?

Next are two 1930's composition dolls. I love this type for their sweet expressions. I have more than these two but these are in their original boxes.
 Some of the china head dolls I have. The one on the right has a replacement dress made by an old friend long ago.
The one here in the next picture in lt. blue dress on right is much older. She sits in our blue bedroom where I also have the iron bed that belonged to my great grandmother Minnie. There is  a picture of her and her sister on the table in the picture where I show the bride dolls. She and sister Carrie are ready for their first plane ride. This is in the 1930's.
These two at left are German Bye-lo dolls. The larger one is my first old doll I purchased from Mrs.Ramey, my old teacher who owned an antique store that I spent many hours in about 20 years ago. She is probably the one who most influenced me into loving antiques. Luckily I had some of my own dolls that I had saved through the years.
These are a few of my dolls. I could sit here for hours since I have over 100 dolls in my collection. 
These two characters make the kids laugh the most. 2 old ventriloquist dummies.  One is in terrible shape but his brother there is quite dapper.
The doll to left in the cradle with the toy water bottle is a 1930 composition and is not in perfect health. This is how she came to me. She has her water bottle since she is sick.
Below a china head and rag doll which is very very old and other dolls in a cabinet at home.
I don't know if you can see this doll, but in the extreme left corner of the picture above is a wooden doll dressed as a gladiator or Roman. I never knew which but it is very old and hand carved. His clothing is old leather.

These two dolls are in my rose bedroom where I have my Dad's iron bed which he slept on from an early age until his death. It is a very feminine room now, so I am sorry Dad,  to make you sleep in a girlie room if you come by now to visit your old bed.
I have enjoyed showing you my dolls and may add the rest of the collection on another post. These are all I had time to get pictures of this time.  We are never too old to enjoy dolls. Enjoy your day!!! Lois


Debra@Common Ground said...

I am truly amazed at your collection. They are gorgeous, and such a variety! I think I love the baby dolls the best. Just always so sweet.
I think the soldier dolls are so interesting, hadn't seen anything like those before. Thanks for letting us take a peek at them!

Pie Lady Pat said...

Love your dolls, Lois. I am especially charmed by the ventriloquist fellows... I remember a neighbor boy had one and tried so hard to be like Edgar Bergen. You inspire me to bring my dolls out of storage. Thank you!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Wht a beautiful collection of dolls! I have always loved the pretty faces and detailed clothing on many of the old dolls but have never started a collection (probably because I collect so many other things there is no more room in our house-lol:). I really enjoyed seeing your dolls and look forward to seeing more in future posts!