Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dallas Market

We spent the weekend in Dallas at the Market Shows.  This was a fast weekend for us. But we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.
I guess one of the most dramatic stores at the Market was the one that had this Fairy bronze which was almost life-size.  The florals were wonderful as well as dramatic.
I was floored by the arrangements and design. I had been to Market only once before and it was several years ago. This time I was looking for gift and design ideas. I went to the right place!!!
This year we met our friends Diana and Garry there.  She owns the Main Street Emporium in Trinity which is close by us. We get together once a month for dinner to listen to each other's tales of woe in the antique business as it is now.  But we are both still in love with our stores and finding unusual items to sell.
Dallas had changed since my last visit. My old time favorite restaurant was Baby Does and it is no longer there. I missed it.

Below is a painted scene that was lovely. The lady happened to stop to admire herself as I snapped the picture. Hope she does not mind.   To the right above is a jungle like scene with conservatory type container filled with plants as well.
All these shots are of the World Trade Center building at the Dallas Market except those I will say are not, like the one below which was in the Trade Mart building. It was very colorful and stood out and while so many used muted tones this one was out there with color and daring.

This golden flute player was gorgeous and was in one of the many floral stores which were mostly still in Christmas dress. There was also a flute player in bright colors and a cymbal player as well.  In one booth there was even a life-sized buffalo.

These were adorable white polar bears and they had quite a selection of them in different sizes. What could I use a polar bear for in my shop I wondered? Next an outdoor furniture display.

What about this family of sheep?  I love antique images of sheep and figurines as does a lady I know named Marion who used to have a booth in my shop and was a fantastic decorator. I always told her if she ever wanted to come back I would find a space for her. And I sincerely mean it. So, Marion, if you are out there and see this, yes, I do mean you!!!!!

I have lots more pictures of the Dallas Market to download but won't bore you with those just now.

Below is a scene in a store that uses porcelain animal heads in a grouping above some topiary trees. No animals were harmed in the making of this arrangement.
 The designers who set up these stores were adventuresome and did not hold back. I could do nothing but stare. I could not really shop afraid I would miss something.

This lady in apron store was as cute as I saw and it was in the Trade Mart building. She made cleaning look almost appealing, but no, I got hold of myself in time.

This store was cozy and country.
And this, my favorite store.

This is an unusual picture but in real life it was quite dramatic. These spheres were actual silk roses and they were everywhere. 
I must say we enjoyed our weekend in Dallas and spending time with Diana and Garry, even if we were crashing in on their 40th anniversary. Happy anniversary Diana and Garry. You are a special couple.
And to end, the Oriental garden in the Trade Mart Atrium. Very peaceful in the middle of all that mad spending.  
Please do not use my pictures.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Lois, Thanks for the trip to the Dallas market. I've always wanted to go! You had some great shots of some fabulous merchandise. I don't know how you'd pick from all that wonderful array of goodies. Loved that apothacary chest with the painted botanicals! Hope things are good!

Pie Lady Pat said...

Hi Lois, Yes, I love your blog and when I saw your eBay name, I thought I'd better sign on as a regular follower of yours or I'd "misplace" you again. Love your eclectic antique shop and one of these days I must drive down to visit. I have begun quilting classes and know your quilt displays there are special. Would love to see you. Thanks for your beautiful inspiring photos. Pie Lady Pat

The Victorian Parlor said...

Wow-what beautiful things! Looks like it was a great place to shop:).



Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

What fun to see what they have there. I just got back from the NY show. I still have more to show but hope no one get bored before I'm done:)) haha
I did recognise a few booths