Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Antique and vintage bags

I collect vintage bags, mostly the beaded ones from the 1800's to early 1900's.
Some are Civil War era bags. The one above is so beautiful in person, soft colors and the back has a holder for the lady to place her hand through while dancing. Inside is a place for her dance card. I love it and the memories it must hold.

These are so lovely to me and each tells it's own story. The rust floral one looks a little faded but it is really not, Must be the lights. Above it is a black one with sterling frame and clasp.
The blue floral one is very detailed which does not show in this picture.  I have sold so many of these special bags here in the store.

But I will have to add pictures of some others that are in my private collection. These are all for sale.

The one on the right here is one brought in by a dear older friend from Church to sell for her. It belonged to her grandmother. She herself is 80. Her children did not want it. Can you believe that?  I would never sell it if it belonged to my grandmother.

This one is taupe colored and amazing. The material looks like silk. This one should make it's way to my private collection someday if not sold.

This orange one to the right is a flapper 1920's bag and all beaded.
It is wonderful to hold and quite heavy.

This one below is also a flapper bag. 

Above is a black and white satin and beaded bag.

 A trio of vintage bags:  Left is a Art Deco bag with gold clasp, middle is beaded 1950's bag and right is a beaded white bag from the 1950's.

And some of the best beaded bags.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the bags I get to handle all the time here at the store and am heart broken when they leave with new owners.  Bye for now. Lois


stefanie said...

I love old purse, I have about twenty, I used to collect them when they were still inexpensive, yours are lovely

Barbara said...

Callie, I live just one hour north of you just off I45 in Jewett. I will try to visit you soon.

I have a list of Texas bloggers and shops to which I will add your name. Please come and visit.

Tallulah Antiques Closet said...

I like the flapper hand bags, all the work that went to stringing the glass beads to make them. I have a couple of beaded dresses and cloches that have the glass beads. Thanks for shareing Julian

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oooo...they're all pretty!



Candy said...

Oh Callie! I was scrolling down your page looking at the lovelies. Recognized the Homestead Restaurant, I've been there once. And then to see you are located in Huntsville. My folks moved there (from Magnolia) several years ago. I was just there several weeks ago but no time to shop. I can't wait to visit again and come by and see ya.
So glad you found me!

Hélène Flont said...

Bonjour Callie!! You have such a pretty blog. Thanks for your visit to mine !

Martha said...

Oh Callie!
Thanks for your visit to mine!
Martha from Hungary

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey Lois, your collection of purses is gorgeous and you have so many of them. The taupe one needs to go home with you, it's amazing!
Just want you to know how much I appreciate your encouragement. You always bless me with your comments.
hugs and blessings,