Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hats revisited

I love hats. I would not want to wear one ever again but I love to look at them and sell them.
I enjoy the older ladies who come in and actually mean to wear the hats to Church. But I can relate to the ones who come in that like the floppy hats or straw hats to wear in the sun. I guess no one has really
worn hats since the 1960's. A woman used to not go to the store without their hat and gloves.

Youthful straw hat with navy velvet ribbon. Huldah print above and similar hat below without flowers.

Very beautiful straw with green ribbon and rose. I love this netting on the straw. Ladies looked so mysterious wearing these beautiful creations..
 The old trim is so beautiful and I would love for someone to say here is all this junk my grandmother had for making her hats and she has died. Would you want it?  Would I ever!!!!!
And below another straw:  light green with a off centered rose. 
Now this one is one amazing hat. It is straw with a pile of fruit on top. Looks like something from the South Seas but it is very old and from US.


    I have had this little hat above awhile and do not know why no one but me loves it so.
A very elegant burgundy velvet hat with floral and veil. This looks better than this picture portrays.
And to the right is a navy velvet hat with what I call fringe but I am sure there is a proper name for it.
If anyone knows please send me a note as I would like to be correct in what I name it.

Below is another  straw hat with a yellow and brown 1930's party dress which you can only see the top of here.

Above is a group of white hats.
A very old black velvet hat with three rhinestones on the band.
 Funny pink hat.
Hope you can see this green with flowered hat. It is much better in person.

Here is a wonderful old beige and dotted hat from the 1930's and one that I call the "Flying Saucer" hat  below. They came from the same estate.

And the pink print sunbonnet that all our grandmothers wore when gardening in days gone  by above.

Speaking of grandmothers and hats, here is my great grandmother with her sister getting ready for their first plane trip in the 1930's or 40's. Grandmother Minnie is on the left and her sister Carrie on the right. I have the brooch/pendant she is wearing in this picture on her white blouse.  Grand Minnie was no beauty, but owned her own hardware store and was one of first directors of her bank. So beauty was not everything in those days either. I thought she was very modern. She let me play with her jewelry and furs and makeup when I visited and later I learned this was unusual for her since she did not spend time with any of the other grandchildren. Why was I special?  Who knows. She lived in Houston so we did not see her too often when I was a child and she died as a very old lady before I was even in my teens. She was a diabetic and ate almost nothing but cottage cheese I remember.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about hats. I will post about men's hats in a later post. I love antique and vintage clothing as 
you can probably tell. 
Also, wanted to thank each of you who have left me such
encouraging comments.  Many blessings,  Lois


The Victorian Parlor said...

I love hats!!! I wear a hat to church every Sunday:). I really like the burgundy velvet one in your pictures-it's beautiful. I also enjoyed reading about your family-what a wonderful story.



My Vintage Treasures said...

What a beautiful post!!!
These hats are gorgeous. You have found many a great treasure in them!!!

My Vintage Treasures