Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Prom Dresses for Springtime

I have some new(Old) prom dresses in the store in addition to some already in inventory.Anyone who knows me knows how much I love these old dresses
which remind me of cotton candy.(Header is of the prom dressed models from the Flag Day style show we did a year ago.)

Some new crinoline acquisitions as well
Pink dress to right above is sold and going to West Texas.

More prom dresses:
This one to right is party dress and the back is amazing. Sorry no shot of that.


Janean said...

you know what callie? i've thought why not wear a vintage prom dress or wedding dress to just lounge around in? like dress up! don't know about the comfort of it all....but i just adore seeing them!

Uncovered Ruby said...

These are beautiful! When we first opened our shop here, we had several old, old wedding gowns on display..the craftsmanship was always amazing to me. I'll be following you to see what else you have!
Lisa :-)

The Victorian Parlor said...

These vintage dresses are so pretty!



Jessy Khan said...

Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing with us.

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