Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Roundtop/Warrenton Antique Shows

Here we are at our hotel in Brenham, the Ant Street Inn. James to left and me to right.
About to set off for Roundtop/Warrenton

Next I will show you some of the pictures from Cole's Show in Warrenton Texas,  which was our first stop of the day.
This woman who was selling these old window frame art pieces was so helpful even to show us how to make one of our own with our own memories and keepsakes.   
And considering the fact that I have 12 of these 6 pane windows here at the store  it is something I think I needed to know. The vendors were so friendly and we enjoyed the visits as much as seeing their wares.

Our next stop was the Zapp Hall show at Warrenton:  First booth we stopped in was Junk Gypsies. They have the same booth space every year as do many others who sell there. This pink swans were at the entrance to their booth/tent. I always look forward to see what they have done with their space each year.

Next is another display of theirs:  they seemed to go for  pink in a bigger way this year than ever before. Of course they sell  tees, crinoline slips in every bright color of the color wheel, and many other new items.
This outhouse was part of their domain as well and located right behind their tent. I don't think it was for actual use as there was no door, I have a great pic which I won't show here of my husband sitting on the seat in a thinker pose.

Then a few miscellaneous booths at Zapp Hall in Warrenton.
My husband here enjoying a quiet restful moment at Theresa's booth while I worked her booth while she ran some last minute errands for her blog party at 6 pm. The weather was windy and I mean windy. Several displays were blown around and once the table display blew over on my husband while he sat there.

Her booth was so interesting and I only wished I could have been there when she first opened to see it before things started leaving  to go home with the buyers. She works so hard to promote the shows and is a friend to all.

My favorite section of her booth was this plant stand. Now, I don't want to give away all her booth as I am sure she will have her pictures to post as soon as she gets home from there. And her pics will be from before the initial buying spree.

That night we attended her Blog Party and met lots of people, some where I follow their blogs and others that follow mine.It was such fun to put a face with a name. Talking Trash lady had the cutest name tag. It was a paper bag, folded and a face on it with fringe. Everyone was supposed to wear an original-made name tag.
The Cookie Du Monde lady was there and brought samples of her petit fours. She autographed one for my husband with his name since it was his birthday. So I considered this his birthday cake this year. Her cookies were wonderful as well. We ate those on the way home.
There were book signings for two books, "Where Women Create" bu Jo Packman and another book which I have forgotten. There were so many people attending this year that I know it was a huge success. Her husband (St.) Cruz was not there due to his work schedule.  His presence was missed especially by James, my husband who likes to talk with him. But there  were actually many other men there as well.

The next morning on our way back toward home, we went to the La Bahia show which was great as always with the Flow Blue booths and the German linen booth. I love the atmosphere there most of all the shows.It is in an old German dance hall sited under tall trees with a wonderful old farm and it's buildings across the road. I spent close to an hour talking to Duck at the Flow Blue booth. They have so many pieces  to choose from and he is so knowledgeable about the blue stuff.. My husband was again a
sweet, wonderful man and sat over nearby while I talked to Duck. He is so patient with me and it was, after all his birthday weekend. I did not get the pictures yet of the Flow Blue booth I took. Will add later. They also are regulars at the Canton First Monday Flea Market.

This booth below was so cute. They had a neat counter and all feminine touches in their booth. It was at La Bahia also. We surely enjoyed the day on Monday since the windy weather had gone away. We saw Bluebonnets all along the way. Thanks to all who made our time there so great!!!


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Oh how I wish I could have gone. To find some treasures. Thanks for shareing...Julian

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey Lois, great photos! loved seeing all the great stuff. It DID look a little dangerous there for your husband. I've heard the wind there can be horrendous! He's a real great guy, even spending his Birthday with you at the shows.

Sue said...

One of these days, I'm gonna get myself to Texas for the shows. Some of my dealers go to each show so I live through photos.
Take care, Sue

The Victorian Parlor said...

Wow-looks like a lot of fun:)! I love perusing all of the treasures at antiques fairs!



trash talk said...

You've got a real keeper for a husband to go through all that giggling at the blog party just to make you happy. Thanks so much for calling me a lady...we both know anyone who has a trash puppet can't be much of a lady!
Debbie AKA Trash

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So glad y'all came out and enjoyed visiting with you. Thanks again for your help at the party, T