Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signs of Spring

Recently I went over to a favorite store here to check out some items to use for decorating with a spring theme. This store is Shepherd Hill and they have florals and other decorating ideas. I was looking for a wreath and look at what all I found.
The store was brimming full of white and green all over:
  I could not decide at this point what I liked the best so I kept looking.
In this store you are left alone unless you want help which I really enjoy in order to allow my decorating ideas to come forth for schemes that would work in my limited space. If you could see my store you would know immediately what I mean. It is slightly crowded. I like abundance.
Now how do I sneak all this in the door of my store without my husband thinking I had spent a small fortune on it?  And then where to place it once in the store. I must admit I have ideas and dreams that seem to run away at times.
The Downtown Business Alliance,  especially the antique dealers,  kind of know this about me. They have told me to slow down in our brainstorming sessions when I want something that only Hollywood could afford.
But there is a practical side of me too and it wins out in the end. I go through various scenarios and eventually settle on what I can truly afford and have space for. But so what?  I enjoy the full experience of buying it all and decorating with it and then settle in the end for what I should do. That is how my brain works!!!


Debra@Common Ground said...

Lois, what a cool place to go. I just love wholesale floral shops, they really get me going. I've always wanted to take some classes to learn how. But just a little green can really go far to "spruce up" some vintage junk!
Ooohh, girl I always love hearing from you, thank you for always being so so sweet!

The Victorian Parlor said...


The store looks like a wonderful place to shop and dream:). I too tend to have very ambitious dreams and in the end tailor them to a more practical scale. But remember-the bigger you dream the better your chances for success!