Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is almost here and I am so glad!!!!!

Texas is it's most beautiful in the Springtime. And especially our part of Texas. We have tall trees and lots of them. We have forests. We have rivers and lakes. While most people in other states think of Texas as arid  we have more than enough rain locally except for an occasion drought period.
My yard last year:  Azaleas were wonderful.
We depend on azaleas in our yard because we have mostly shade from the old live oak trees. We have 9
Live Oaks. The roots are terrible for mowing but I would do anything to keep them. Once had to fight off the cable and electric companies who tried to dig a new underground cable too near one of them in the back. We don't even have cable but I did not know  they have  right of way to go through your yard if they want to.
I won. This time.
We are also well known for our wild flowers. We have bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, Buttercups, Black-eyed Susan and lots of others which I do not even know their names. I should get these right one day.
In my yard I can only grow flowers and plants that grow in the shade. Lots of hostas and ferns and begonias.
These Bluebonnets were not in my yard. This is what we see all around during the Spring. Along the highways which have been seeded since Lady Bird Johnson began her beautification programs as well as the ones on  the country roads here growing year after year on their own.

So you can tell I am ready for those first blooms. The redbud trees are all in bloom today and the Bradford pears are just about done. The woods are alive with color and bloom. My azaleas have buds and are ready  for showtime!!!!!!  My favorite time of the year.


Creative Style said...

Wow, those bluebonnets are beautiful!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

I luv the big oak trees you have and you have a great garden from the pic's I saw. Thanks for shareing. Julian