Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Theresa's Blog Party Date is March 28, 2010 at 6pm

For one of the hardest working antique dealers I know, I want to tell you about her,  as if you did not already know, Theresa Cano. Her blog site is Garden Antqs Vintage.  She works full time in her real job, travels around everywhere on weekends and does not miss much that is going on in the antiques world. I have told her many times she has a career ready-made when she can retire doing what she now does for pure enjoyment.
There is no one out there that can be at so many events and shows and still smile every time you approach her booth.Always ready to make a new friend. This picture I took two years ago just before her blog party. See that smile!!!
So I hope you all will be able to attend her Blog party at Zapp Hall in  Warrenton TX during the spring antique show. Her booth is the one in front of the Zapp Hall building on the left.
I did not even get to mention her kind husband Cruz, who my husband refers to as ST.Cruz. He is a smiler too so it must run in their family. He follows everywhere Theresa leads him.  He once told me God gave him such a pretty wife and he intends to take care of her. Isn't that wonderful? The ST.Cruz name kind of fits.

My husband and I plan to be there again this year.This will be our 3rd. year to attend.
And if I were a certain new magazine I would hire her to cover all these events for you. She can do it and her current job as well.   She is some energetic woman!!!!!
See you at her party,
The angel in the header picture is one here in the store. He watches over things.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh Lois you are so sweet. So looking forward to seeing you and James, T

Sue said...

I SO wish I could go. At least some of my Country Roads family will be having a good time!!
Take care, Sue

Debra@Common Ground said...

Lois, you are so right and I think we should call HER St, Theresa! I would just LOVE to be there for the blog party. I know it will be such fun and getting to meet so many wonderful people. So glad you can go!
big hugs,

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