Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two different events for Huntsville for April 30-May 2

A I R I N G   O F  T H E   Q U I L T S  on May 1, 2010 one day only event
This is one of my favorite events  here in Huntsville. It is a sight to see.

Ladies in the pioneer days  brought their beloved quilts with them when coming to Texas in the covered wagons and they lovingly cared for them as treasured possessions. Each Spring, the ladies would "air" their quilts in the sunshine following long winter days and lots of usage.
This is why the event is called Airing of the Quilts.
This show is the largest quilt show in Texas. There are usually about 400 quilts displayed.
Each year they  have a master quilter to do workshops and there will be vendors set up as well as displays
of quilts and selling of quilts. This year the workshops will be conducted by Quilter and teacher Karen Kay Buckley. 

As you can see these quilters are quite to preserving this skill and even advertise on their vehicles.The Tall Pines Quilt Guild are the sponsors.

These pictures were taken last year prior to the crowds arriving at 9am. We have about 5000 people attending the event. This event is one day only on May 1 and is  located in the downtown area around the courthouse square and surrounding blocks. 
At right is our friend Bette who is involved in anything that happens in Huntsville. She was instrumental in bringing all the antique stores to the downtown area and works tirelessly in preserving the uniqueness  of our town.

S A M    H O U S T O N  FOLK FESTIVAL                    held April 30 through May 2.
In addition to this also going on this weekend is the General Sam Houston Folk Festival which I have covered before in my blog. I will run some of those pictures by  again in case you are new to my blog. This event lasts from Friday April 30 through  Sunday May 2 and held at the nearby Museum grounds.
There are many vendors selling everything from root beer to kettle corn, with face painting for the kids, groups showing how to make and load a bullet  as in the pioneer days, cooking on a fireplace, washing clothes with a washboard and lye soap, and other essentials of daily living for pioneers to survive in the harsh places they settled in the mid 1800's.

All ethnic groups that lived in Texas in this period are represented here.
There are folklife demonstrations, cultural displays, entertainment and museum tours.
The Scots have their highland games during this time and have a booth set up on the grounds.
The old cannon is fired every 30 minutes and makes you almost jump out of your skin when you first hear it but after a couple of firings you become used to it. Kids love it!!!!
There are lots of things to do and see at the Festival. People return year after year. On Friday they bus in about 4000 5th graders from schools all over Texas for this learning,  yet fun event. I would not choose that for your first visit day until after 3 pm when they must leave.

 There is live music and performances from the Ballet Folklorico, Celtic Menagerie, Golden Peacock,Sahawe Indian dancers, with living history theater, story tellers, ongoing all day every day of the event.
There are strolling characters from Huntsville of that day dressed in period costumes.

I really enjoy this each and every year.If you are nearby and can get here, come on and see what it is all about. You will love Huntsville. There are 2 B&B's and plenty of hotels if you decide to stay the night
with us.


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. And a lot of good food I hope. The quilts look great the way they are all displayed throughout town. Have a good day...Julian

Sweet Repose said...

WOW...what an event, you really wouldn't want to miss any of the fun.

And you are so right about the downtown thing, it sound exactly like our downtown. When they have events on the riverfront they take away all of our parking for the event, so if parking isn't bad enough, now we really have a problem and like you say, you can complain but no one listens.

The rent in this old mall is very reasonable and they give you the first 2 months free and an escalating rent in 3-5 years with a least we won't have to wait a week for the snow to be removed off the streets.

To make matters worse they have the main thoroughfare(4-lane) blocked off for resurfacing...not one person walked in the shop today...thanks city!!!

Thanks for the comment, we know were not alone out there, but it's still sad to see.


Marta said...

You have a beautiful blog...I just stumbled on it and spent quite awhile looking at the wonderful pictures. Those quilts are amazing!
I have a new blog on Antique dolls I think you might like to visit here is the link...
Do you do deal in antique dolls on your shop? I am a collector and would be interested in knowing.

Found Around said...

Hi! Thanks for viewing my blog. Yours is wonderful. My grandmother was an avid quilter. I have many that she made. Love them all! Soon...Susan

Nishant said...

we won't have to wait a week for the snow to be removed off the streets.
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