Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday afternoon

A lazy Saturday and I don't feel like being here at the store.
My husband is off with a group from Church so I have been here alone all day.
But some of my favorite customers have come by and made it a better day. 2 ladies who buy vintage clothing to wear while their husbands show their 1940 cars at classic car shows. They dress correctly in dresses, hats, gloves. Today one lady tried on 3 different 1940's dresses and could not yet decide on which she wants to buy. Her friend encouraged her to buy 2 of the 3.
Then we had to decide on jewelry to match or coordinate.
While I was working with these delightful ladies 2 young college-age girls went into the antique clothing boutique and started looking. I have noticed that younger people do not take care with items you have and this seemed to be the case. things get thrown around all over the place. I went in once and they were carrying a pair of antique gloves around the area and I asked if I could hold the gloves for them at the counter. They said we are not sure if we want to buy them yet, which I understood, so I said I can hold them while you decide. I guess at this point they realised I would not allow them to carry these items around then decide not to buy and drop them somewhere, often it is behind large displays, etc. This is a pet peeve of mine. I find wonderful antique items thrown behind racks and pieces of furniture. Why?  I have never figured this one out.
Anyway, got busy again with the 2 older ladies and a couple or two other people so was not able to monitor them on the camera for about 10 minutes. At one time they were oohing and aahing over a 1930's Harlow style gown. So when I get free and go in there, they are gone but so is the gown. A big loss for me.
I hate thieves. I have some great college girl customers but the majority are not good customers. I am sorry to have to say this. Perils of owning a store.
But it is almost closing time and I will be so GLAD.
Thanks for listening.


Sue said...

YES, retail is a thrill a minute! Funny you were talking about a Car Show. We had THAT today too, with the streets closed and all of my crazy customers. Gee, I can hardly wait to go BACK again tomorrow. Hang in there, and I hate people that steal. My son busted two different shoplifters that past months that we've always expected them of stealing. I hate to look at people like that, but I guess it is just the reality of life now. Thank God for all the good ones that make up for those above!
Take care, Sue

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Lois, sounds like two really wonderful events, I'm such a quilt lover, more of a consumer than producer. The colors are fabulous, and I love seeing them hang on the railings. Glad to hear that your town knows the importance of special events and interests, that's what makes small towns so unique and interesting! Loved the photos of everyone in period costume.