Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring oh Spring!!!

Azaleas are blooming in my yard finally as in others.  Beautiful. Also everywhere wild flowers are blooming.   I love this time of the year. I think I have said that over and over. Here are the most recent photos of my yard.

We decided to spruce up around the store and with all the energy I get in the springtime this was
certainly the time to do it.(Credit for the middle photo of mannequin in apron goes to Dallas Mart)

More work to do with the old wash tubs. The wringer is not attached yet. Aprons hung above.

Some scenes from the store: Below are calling cards and greeting cards from earlier times.
Another scene of springtime with the English Breakfast set. 

With springtime comes gardening and so often there

are booths displaying items to use in your gardens.

Would be nice to really be sitting on a porch in this swing instead of just looking at one here at the store.

Here is the daybed in Bette's booth ready for a nap later after all my cleaning is done.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Your flowers are beautiful!!! What wonderful treasures in your store-it looks like a fun place to shop!



Pie Lady Pat said...

How I love your posts! Spring has to be the most beautiful time in your area. I was there once in May and the roadside flowers were fantastic. Thank you Lady Bird!
~ Pat