Friday, July 9, 2010

Bedrooms and Baths

I just received my shipment of the special edition Bedrooms & Baths from Romantic Homes.
They do special supplement magazines through the year like this one. It is on the stands now.
I am selling them in my store as I do the regular monthly issues.

One particular article caught my eye by Hillary Black showing a bedroom/sun porch redo by
Linda Jennings for her daughter's room.

The wall treatment is the area I want to call your attention to in the article. The whole look is vintage. The wall treatment is personal and could be adapted for any room.

Just did not want you to miss this beautiful
article in a beautiful Special Edition.

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ted and bunny said...

hiya- not quite sure how I dropped into your blog, but glad I found it!
Love the transferware in your last post