Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happiness is transferware

To me, that is!!!
I love to decorate with transferware. My kitchen and breakfast room reflect my love for it, especially blue and white.
To the left is some of my transferware on the pine hutch handmade by slaves on a plantation in Georgia in early 1800's. I have had it for over 30 years.

Right, is a plate rack which I bought with the going away money when I retired from my job 4 years ago. It had gone on sale and was exactly what I had received. I had been watching this rack for over 6 months at the antique store where I had my booth then.

To the left here is our farm table and in the background an old oak ice box which is so complete it even has the cards you placed in the window for the ice man to know how much you wanted delivered that day. We store paper towels in it.
On top is a white ironstone pitcher and bowl set I have had since my grandmother died.

I wish someone had told me how tedious it is to have black and white ceramic tile floors before I invested in them about 12 years ago. But no, I had to have them. Well I have them now and the black tiles show dust, and the white show any spots spilled.
With a grandson living with us during the summer, it is hopeless.
So for this summer we are making do and when school starts back I will take back control.
Of the house that is.

In this part of the house I use only my blue and white transferware but I also have black and white, which is almost favorite and much harder to find. I love it but do not find as many places to use it.

And the ever beautiful teal and white:

Not to forget the brown and white Quail pattern.

And this one, Burgenland by Villeroy and Boch.

Perhaps one of the finest is this red and white which consists of Crown Ducal, English Chippendale and Johnson Bros. Old English Castles. I cannot decide if I like the Crown Ducal or the English Chippendale best. I also have English Chippendale in blue and white. It also comes in green and white which I do not have. This cabinet is in the store and not in my house, although I have many pieces of the English Chippendale at home as well.

And lastly, the green and white Meakin. Stands alone doesn't it?

So here has been a brief tour of some of my favorite transferware. Hope it was worth your time. In a later post I will show some of my formal china.
PS the header is Fair Winds pattern.


Victorian1885 said...

Oh my goodness..I am faint! What a post!I love transferware and have a collection of red & white and blue & white so far..I use the red pieces for everyday and love the way they mix with all things vintage! I purchased a red transferware soup tureen today at my local charity shop and it goes lovely with the pieces I already have. I wish I lived closer to your shop as I would love to explore..take care!


It's Just Dottie said...

I have transferware love. When I saw your's it was OH HEART BE STILL .I have been collecting for over twenty years. It seems like in that many years I would fall out of love with it. OH No! I have blue,red,brown,some green and lavender. I have posted some pictures on my blog from time to time. I love your's.

Anonymous said...

there is a Johnson Brothers ENGLISH CHIPPENDALE RED Tureen on ebay right now for $24.99 no reserve..