Monday, August 9, 2010


Today would have been my mother's 86th birthday.  I still miss her after 4 years. So often I make it to the phone to call her then remember she is not there. For a couple of her last years I would call her every 2 hours or so to make sure she was ok.  She lived alone until the last 6 months.

 She was so independent.

She loved her little house she moved to after Dad died.  She just did not want to live there anymore in their house and on their land. So she sold out and moved into town.  It was best for her. She had 2 bedrooms and a sun room in addition to living room, dining room and kitchen and bathroom.  It was adorable and across the street from one sister.  She and I had such fun decorating it when she moved in.  That sun room was my favorite with wicker furniture and barkcloth cushions.  She also had a little area off the living room that was like a room except open to living room where she had her study.  All there was room for in it was a desk and chair plus a comfortable upholstered chair to have the nurse's aid sit with her there when she visited.  There was a porch in front but it was mostly too hot to use it.  She planted flowers and even a vegetable garden the first year there but fell in the garden and did not yet have her necklace buzzer she wore to call for help. So we had to ask her to quit gardening.  She drove until a year before her death and was very active volunteering to help older Church friends go to Dr. or pay bills or banking. She would not go to the Senior Center because there were old people there she said. It was her own idea when she gave up driving.  She was some woman.
This is her picture(on the left) with my Dad's sister
(her best friend as well)  who died recently and a cousin who also died 6 months ago.  We are losing our older ones.
Don't they look full of hope and promise?  Mom was 16 and aunt Arlene was 14 and cousin Jo 15. I love this picture of the three of them.  I have a copy on my desk at work.

Here they were full of hope and now they are all gone.  They lived their lives, affecting so many in their daily lives. My aunt has 4 living children, the cousin left one son who is about my age.  My mom had 4 living children, all daughters. 
She is very missed.

Please do not copy my family pictures.


Sue said...

Love your post! I too always remember special dates of my parents now that they are gone. I think these are the things that keep their spirits alive in our hearts! Happy Birthday to you Mama!

Take care, Sue

Uncovered Ruby said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mom. It really touched my heart and made me realize I need to call my own mom every day and cherish our time together. Thank you for sharing.

jasmin said...

viele Grüße von Jasmin,durch die Übersetzung gingen mir all diese schönen Erinnerungen sehr an das Herz, meine Eltern leben beide schon viele Jahre nicht mehr und sie fehlen mir noch immer... schön beschrieben wie auch Dinge duften, Gerüche und man denkt an die schöne Kindheit zurück...

annie mason aka junky gal said...

Your post about your Mama brought tears to my eyes and reminds me to cherish the time with my folks. I think your Mama sounded like a really fun lady! How blessed you are to have those memories.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Lois, I love this photo and remember it from another post. They were beauties! Such sweet memories of your mom.
You made me laugh so hard on that comment you left on my blog!You're a nut!
And love the new look of your blog!

donna...@ d. reyné.com said...

I love your post! So sweet! It makes you really stop and think about how short our time is and to spend it with those we love! Your mom was lovely! I know you have honored her with your precious tribute!