Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pumpkins and Western days at the lake house

In the past few days I have been receiving  magazines I subscribe to and they are all about Autumn.I love this time of the year almost as much as Spring. Almost.

Two favorite magazines

The following caught my eye since I am in the process of redecorating my lake house with the intent to sale. 
This is what I would like to do or the theme I am going for, from Southern Lady this issue.

After all, this IS Texas.
I won't spoil the article for you by showing more of their wonderful western themed pages but go buy it for yourself.  The table is set up for a bar b q in the barn.

The seat in the picture to the right is one like I have but mine is a double seat. This will fit in with my scheme very well. Of course we have ropes and boots here in Texas so no problem on that.

I have old pottery jugs and crocks which will be displayed.

There is a farm table with ladder back chairs for the dining area and a 1800's pie safe which can display
whatever china I choose to use there.  Right now there is only white ironstone.

The bedrooms are kind of neat:  2 iron beds in one, a double Jenny Lind in one,  and a brass bed in the main bedroom. I have armoirs and old dressers also in each bedroom for plenty of storage. 

Everything in the house is now kind of cottagy but soon will start to move in some western or camp style things.

IF you have not tried this magazine you really must!!!!

And to get back to some pages from my ever dependable Romantic Homes:

This is exactly it!!!  Now where do I find this horse?

I have the decoys and the old table.  Or one similar to it. I can add this to my decorating of the lake house.
This type of decorating makes for great family get togethers which are now more likely for us in this part of the state  with the weather a little bit cooler.  My sons and the grandkids may want to come for a big weekend.  Not too many  in our family like to fish so it was not a good idea even when I bought the lake house over 30 years ago, thence exactly why it is going up for sale.
Lots of solace there on the  lake.

We loaned it out to relatives from time to time who wanted the quiet of the lake and some even liked to fish.

I have already started to decorate in the camp theme with a antler chandelier and some rustic Old Hickory furniture. But it will all be so nice when finished I may not want to sell. (Oh yes, I think I will.)

I could go on and on about other pages in the magazines this month but you see what I mean on the front pages all in Autumn colors.  I cannot wait to decorate the display windows and front of the store here at work.

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