Saturday, October 30, 2010

Founders Park

I re-discovered a small pocket park here in town which is only a block and half from my store.  I have been able to get over there 3 days for about 15 minutes each time. It is quiet and so far have not encountered another visitor.
There are 3 benches scattered over the area but only one near the water garden which is from a natural spring.  This is the site of the founding of Huntsville and where the original trading post was where Pleasant Gray traded with the Indians in 1843. 
I love the park and have benefited from having that quiet time when my husband can take over for me at the store for a few minutes out of the day.  It is also a prayer place for me,  not that you need a special place.
I wanted to show you some pictures of this tiny park.

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jasmin said...

a small piece of nature does to miracle, beautifully times to see like it with to you is far, from Germany, who is autumn there, which comes winters, in January and February becomes it in the shop with me, no guests, but hope remains very quiet us, dear greetings von Jasmin,Deutschland Weimar,Goethe Stadt