Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rusty and faded

Do you ever feel rusted, faded and worn? I guess I am feeling that about now. WHY?
Business is slow here at the store. We have a few lookers coming by but not many serious
buyers. Not many lately, not like a couple of years ago. The downtown Courthouse Square is empty where people months ago were honking and pushing to get one of the few parking spaces.

We get up each morning and prepare in the same way for the opening each day at the store.
Then we get here and wait. Those who come in are usually travelers and are older and not really looking for something to buy but only out for entertainment and antiquing has become a big form of entertainment.

I have talked to a friend who sells on eBay and her business is hurting also.

The old print below is an example of my faded and rusted theme. It is puckered and torn and still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Many have told me, "You could have that fixed." and I just grin and say " really?" I don't want it "Fixed". I like it just like it is. I like it damaged. And I like it worn and faded. It is perfect as it is to me.
At least God does not throw us out when we become damaged, worn or hurt. Through His grace we can be made whole again.

The old faded portrait at right is done on tin.
We have 2 of these portraits of men and they were called Jesse and Frank James by the auctioneer who sold them. Who knows who they really are or were, but at this late date it does not really matter. "They" were lost,
but now they are found again. I treasure them.

When someone comes up to the counter and asks me, "Is the best price on this since it is damaged?"
I have to smile again. If it were perfect, how much would it be worth to them?
Probably the same price as it is damaged. The price that is on an item here reflects that damage.

Below is a faded oil painting of a boy with lamb. Is it perfect? No. Is it new? Not at all.
Is it beautiful and haunting? Yes very much so.

This economy has seriously hurt our small towns. If you can shop once a month with a small independent store owner it could save that business.
I am not whining but stating first hand how serious the economy is for us. At this time we are blessed to have other income and unlike many others do not depend on this to live. But there are many who do. Consider shopping with them when you are out and even a small sale can help keep these businesses going another month. Small businesses, which used to be the main type employer in the US are going away because of the bad economy.

A lady come in earlier who was trying to sell some family items to live on until she got a first check working as a waitress at her new job.
She was in her 50's, attractive and well dressed, and a casualty of Hurricane Ike, 2 years ago. She lived near the Gulf Coast then and lost everything including home and job.
For 2 years she has been on a special type unemployment income for people displaced from IKE and it ends this month. She has looked for almost the entire time for a job locally. She kept thinking she could go back home but now knows she won't. She worked as a manager of an apartment complex and lived there also since her divorce a few years ago.
It hurt me to see her so reduced to having to sell family things. And to think of a woman a little younger than myself having to work as a waitress, the only job she could find. $ 4.50 an hour and tips.
While we were talking, a customer came in who has been in many times and today was checking again on dimensions for a gentleman's chest/armoir I have. She overheard our conversation and offered her a job working for her home health agency. It was all worked out and she starts this weekend. Was it a miracle? We will wait and see. It is a hard job for her age, and starting over in something she knows nothing about.

But God directed her steps here and the owner of the business to be here at the same time. I do not believe this is a coincidence but that God directs our ways.

The lady decided before leaving that she could work as a waitress and work as the home health worker on weekends and maybe make nearly what she had been getting in unemployment benefits. But she wanted and needed to work. She was not afraid of work.

She was happy for this opportunity. I was happy for her. She still has her family items of jewelry in her little bag and maybe will not have to part with them YET. I pray not.
And was this today maybe a warning to me, that there except for the grace of God,
go I?


jasmin said...

I am glad, owing to the translation, all your important, beautiful thoughtful and human words read zuhaben, I hear also always much discussions, a twaddle and unn├╝tzliches in my business, oh as it everything decorated am white nevertheless beautifully, I cannot it any longer to be heard, I it. also your sense for the original I admire much, I had to smile: Price and damage, interesting also which you to the economic situation say, a beautiful experience with this woman in emergency, that are lives, then it, very sadly everything, is knows you I comes from the East part Germany early GDR, it is still not homeland and I cannot be proud, humans run only the money, power and lie afterwards, it is very superficially now everything, I is pleased which I you in the far world found, it greets completely dear jasmin from Germany…

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lois, this is a great post and to know that God will direct our paths and open doors when we least expect it is a miracle. The economy has hurt us all, even at the shows but we have to look higher for our income sources, which is God. He will always meet our needs. I'm so glad you mentioned shopping with small business owners because I believe this is most helpful to us all. Have a great day my friend and we'll be hoping and praying things will turnaround.

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Lois ...I think your post rings true across the nation ...Our poor nation has been reduced to a very slow time ..Not that this isn't similiar to history we once have passed through ...but it still doesn't make it easy knowing that. I agree we truly need to support small business and especially in small towns ..having lived in MO ..I know the devestaion that can happen to small towns ..and many times they don't come back ..it truly is up to the people to support their small towns ...Or we will lose the basis that our country was founded on ...we need to reach out and save it before that happens altogether. It reminds of the scripture that basicly says if my people call out to me I will hear them and save them ..I know that's not exact but I can't recall it verbatum...I think you'll know what I'm saying ..God will reach out and help us if we only call on him ..and trust and be patient for his perfect timing.

I know our business has suffered ..but we just keep plugging along waiting ..

Blessings ..Sara

It's Just Dottie said...

I know how it is in the antique world right now. I love that world . It is part of what and who I am.I closed my shop last year . It got to where I had no cash flow . The shows are slow also. I know things will get better.I believe in America and I know women will always want pretty thing.

GardenGirl said...

Such a real post. So many hurting people. Love the faded, the rusty...charge less? Let's charge double for that ;)

Never have we had such a time to be creative.

God doesn't waste a thing.

In His Grip,