Friday, November 26, 2010

After Thanksgiving

I had to do a follow-up to the last post where I talked about the red step stool that we sat on at my Grandmother's house on Thanksgivings past. Whoever that got to the dining room last of the kids
had to sit there and wash dishes afterward.
Here is a different story:  My youngest grandson, Lane, found the stool that belonged to my husband's grandmother which is now ours and decided it was his. He sat there the whole time "helping" me prepare the Thanksgiving meal for all of us. He would not get down and we had to move it into the dining room for the meal. Since he is only 2 1/2 we did not impose the washing of dishes on him yet.
So not to play favorites here is his sister, my grand daughter, Jayleigh.

She is in the back yard. She had her favorite cousin Alyssa there all day and did not leave her side until she had to leave.  Here they are together after running through the yard and on the golf course all afternoon.
They were wearing down. About 30 minutes later she was asleep.

It was a fine day with some rain earlier and later but during our get together it was perfect.
I had both of my sons there with me as well as most of the grandkids.
Almost perfect.

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