Thursday, December 2, 2010

Old Photos

Today when decorating I thought to do a post on old photographs.  The idea came from this neat background I found. I have so many old photos and many are not labeled so I have no idea who they were.  Just were in my grandmother's collection which came to me.
First I would love to show you a great photo of her prior to her marriage in 1918. This picture is of her
in 1916. The clothing she wore in the photo she made herself. She was very accomplished as I mentioned in the Thanksgiving memories post. she wrote on the bottom of the negative the following: "A lean on a post" 

Next is the picture of her husband to be, my grandfather, Wiley. He is a 4th generation Texan, born in 1870.
His great grandparents came in 1835. Here he is prior to their marriage also. He was 32 when they married and she 16. He had served in World War I.

A group picture of my grandmother and her cousins on Easter Sunday 1915.  She is in back row, second from right.

These are all from old negatives I inherited.  It was difficult finding someone to develop them.

This next one is my Dad as a small child. He had cotton hair until older when it was more strawberry blond.
When he died at age 71 of cancer, he had no gray hair except in his beard if he did not shave yet that day.
This picture was about 1922 (long before the shaving years)

This next above is of my two great grandmothers Frances Armilde and  Minnie Elvin in 1918 when their two children married.

And here is great great grandfather John Patton and his father George Patton.  John married first Mary Ann and after she died he married her sister,  my ancestor Arabella.  He fought in the Civil War as a LT. He fathered 3 children by each of the sisters.

Hope you enjoyed a trip into the past.  I am a great student of history. This is why I work as a docent at the Gibbs Powell House museum. My husband and I work\twice a month.

But don't get me wrong, I love living today. While I could go back in time to live in an antique home or wear antique clothing and jewelry, I still am glad to be living today.

Thanks for coming along on my trip back in time today. But please do not use my family pictures.

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