Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Season officially begins here

Yesterday was the Christmas Fair on the Square in downtown.  Many vendors set up booths and sold Christmas items and food items.

There were the usual food item vendors including the Root Beer Man
with his special booth designed by his grandfather and passed through his Father to him and has supported his family all these years, he is now 60 he told me. His son is now running one of the root beer booths which are so cute with a big barrel on top. Sorry no picture of this.  Maybe when he returns for the next event.
He took time to show me some pictures of the progress of the greenhouse he is building his wife. They are getting into this raising their own food and solar and the works.

I tried to bribe him into talking my husband into building or having built since he has few building skills, a greenhouse/sunroom too. But  you know how these men stick together.
We have known him now for about 12 years. He is here for all major events and for several years we worked next to his booth with a booth for a non-profit we were board members of and sold bar b q sandwiches each year.  It was such fun and hard work. All our Board worked the booth for 3 days,
taking off from our real jobs to do it.

Now we look forward to finding where he has set up at each event here in town. So he has become a friend although one we see 2 or 3 times a year. 

There are all kinds of friends. Some who we see each day and nurture through daily trials and hardships,
others who we see occasionally and share our lives in a hurry. Then there are the friends we have had for years, some from previous lives it seems when we lived other places.

Email is so terrific for this reason. You can still check in every so often and it is much easier than writing a letter or calling.

Last night we spent on the porch with others at the Gibbs house watching the parade, talking, and waving to people we knew and sharing wassail.  It was a long parade
this time beginnning at 6 pm. I think it lasted an hour. The usual marching high school band and Santa, and in between all kinds of floats and groups and Shriners playing in their little cars, plus a real classic car show.
It was great, nothing like Macy's parade or the Rose parade, but it was our people showing their interests in our community.

The night before we had gone to the Fairgrounds where the Journey through Bethelem was playing.
This was interesting and put us in the middle of Bethelem at the time of Jesus' birth. We sampled food that the people of that time would have eaten, participated in a Jewish wedding of the time, danced, saw demonstrations  of people making baskets and pottery. There were live animals; camels, donkeys and sheep. Costumed characters made it all so real.

There was snow trucked in and spread on the Courthouse lawn so kids were involved in snow fights which most of them had never done before, and a little train hauled them from the park where activities were to the snow and other events. 

So here in our little town the Christmas season has begun.
Merry Christrmas to you all,

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A lovely store and charming looking town..Come on by, I’m having a GIVEAWAY