Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

This is my last post before Christmas so wanted to get out an early Merry Christmas to all.  I am going to be too busy to post and frankly need the time off. We get 3 days in a row off work at Christmas this year with Christmas falling on a Saturday.

So for now some pictures around the store here:

We are not going to visit James' family iin CA. this year so it will be less hectic than all that driving and flying and staying in hotels the first and last night in LA and the other nights in Paso Robles where it is held.

I think we are grinches this year as well, not having put up a tree or wreath at home, but of course there is
plenty of decorating at the store. 

We will still be doing some at home decorating this coming Monday when we have a full day off.

Anyway, my wishes for you to have the best Christmas season ever is going out to you with this post.

Following some other shots I did of places here in the store for you to see:

Below the angel in the front main display window wearing a 1930 wedding gown and following  after is the white floral display also in the same window. Today was a cloudy day and this is still the best picture I could get through the window.
And also from the garden room:  Fir branches with the owl.
Some went all out and some played it down with decorating:

Some used new and blingey and some the old stand bys.

And a Santa or two:

While I prefer the quieter side of decorating, my friends do not.
So it takes allot to make up a village of antique booth owners.

An old 1950's oil cart from a service station dressed with fir greenery and poinsettias.

But this below is the real message of the Christmas Season and I wanted to pass it on to each of you wherever you are:

Merry Christmas to you all,

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Merry Christmas Lois and hope you and James enjoy your Christmas season.