Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dallas Market 2011

I was able to take pictures of some displays at the market however some were fussy about that and
at one place I was told to not take pictures. They said their displays were copyrighted. I am not sure
about any of this, but if they said no then of course I would not.
Here is my favorite who allowed pictures, Parkhill. They are so fresh with their displays and used actual bulbs in some.
The scent was as wonderful as their displays.
The pic above is the entrance to their store on the 3rd floor of the World Trade Center in Dallas.
The floor was stained cement.  Very inviting!!!
Look at this color. Green and zinc  and yellow.

Old shutters and windows with a wreath.

And this one is of more flowers and some enamel ware in a cream and black.

A stone looking garden urn with more bulbs. It is very large.
These cylinder topiary stands are beautiful and appear old but of course are not. The black and white prints behind are on canvas and are made to copy old French farm prints.

This cabinet is unpainted wood.  Trophy cups on top. The wreath is cotton bolls. There is no way to tell it is artificial.
A burlap bag with fake onions. They also carry an extensive inventory of burlap ribbon in several color schemes.
A beautiful stone looking statue in  a wooden planter.
Another one.

And a huge inventory of bird houses of all sizes.

 Remember to Dallas Market shoppers now is not too soon to order for your own Christmas displays.

A flute playing cherub in a Christmas tree. The candles are huge.
The creche was very large and had the look of age, albeit  was new.
Another Christmas display with deer, likewise very large.
The mantle showing off various options for small trees and garlands.
A different type garland with those same huge candles.

As I said before, this is my favorite company that displays at Dallas Market. There are many others
who are more dramatic and they would not allow pictures, but they are too over the top for me
to use any of their ideas anyway. Also might add they would be too expensive for my budget.
Parkhill is reasonably priced but in many items you must buy in bulk.

I have some more pictures coming from a few other booths. We had such fun running around this huge
place with three buildings and one of them is a high rise. The atrium is always decorated beautifully whatever the season.


FourSistersInACottage said...

HOLY COW!!! It truly amazes me how they can make so much stuff look old....I LOVE IT!!!
Thank you sooooo much for sharing those pictures with us, truly eye candy for all of us.
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

This would have been my favorite
also! How lucky you were to be there! I love the old farm prints
on canvas!

Flora Doora

Debra@Common Ground said...

Great images, love all the gardeny zinc goodies!

Honey at 2805 said...

Wow! Things have really changed since I last attended the show. Beautiful, Beautiful!

I've just become a happy friend and follower. Hope you will stop by.
Fellow Texan, Honey

Pie Lady Pat said...

We have cabin fever here in the snowy north, so these springlike photos really give me a boost! Looks like it was a great show. Thank you!!!