Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dress for Valentine's

Will your husband or guy take you out to dinner for Valentine's Day?  My husband takes me generally
to the Homestead which is the best place in our little town. It is in a 1860's log dogtrot cabin. The chef
is excellent.  The ambiance is just so.
So what will I be wearing?  I went through the antique clothing boutique here at the store to see what
might be good and here are some selections I made with Valentine's colors in mind:

Let's start with the most recent in age:  1960's satin sleveless dress and coat in fuchia.  So like Jackie Kennedy.
Then our 1950's bright red satin opera coat, 3/4 length to be worn over your formal dress and very
Breakfast at Tiffany's. Here the lights make it look more orange but it is bright red.
Then to the 1940's
this is a drop wasted velvet dress.

And another 1940's:
This is one of my favorites in the store, dark maroon velvet from the 1940's.

 And below another dress which has it's slip  with it. This looks really special on.

And here is shown a 1890 wonderful dress that speaks volumns of the lady that must have worn it for her own special "dinner date" evening.
And another of a deeper satin material that is so wonderful but so small: also from about 1900.
Now, not saying they would fit but which would you choose to step out on the town in on Valentine's Day evening? 


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

I luv the color of the Victorian dresses. Very pretty Thank You for sharing this evening..........Julian

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lois, of course you can use the burlap idea, thanks for asking. I also keep meaning to ask you what the new shop is all about around the corner from you, Tickled Pink I think is the name of it.

Candy said...

I was in your town for New Year's eve with family but didn't have time to shop...maybe next time.
I've been to the Homestead once and it was a fun family reunion of sorts.
And as for dress-up I think I try the little number with the three square buttons of the last one of deeper satin.
Hope you have a great 2011.
Candy ;-)