Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I was just looking at some very nice Days of the week towels here in the store and decided to post about them.  We have 3 sets now which is a goodly number. What got me started was an article in Romantic Homes Kitchen special issue magazine a couple of years ago about these kitchen towels with VINTAGE APPEAL.
Below see one of the original patterns used to make them: This is the only pattern we have at this time.
And following some of the actual towels we have: I have taken from the 3 sets to show examples of each type but we have the entire sets here for sale.

and another 
And from a different set here also:
This concludes my post on cleaning day towels. Hope you enjoyed going back to the days when ladies
embroderied during their small amount of leisure time.

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Pie Lady Pat said...

Hi Lois, We must have been reading each other's blogs at the same time!
I love the hand embroidered towels. My first embroidery project ever was "Wash Day." I still have that towel. Should blog about it, yes? You have some beauties. Thanks for sharing. Pat