Saturday, January 8, 2011

Old Vanity items

Do you wish for a more peaceful time when women spent time every morning at a vanity preparing their faces and hair for the day ahead?  Maybe, maybe not.
This is a art deco dresser set in green with the usual pieces plus containers as well.
Old beaded bags with gloves and other accessories that might have graced her vanity.
Some shoe hooks that were a necessary for every lady's boots.

A french brush holder with old french ivory brush. Do you recognize this, my Friend Bea?

More french ivory mirrors in a hat box here at the store. And below some of my personal items:

and another part of that set: showing a hair receiver below.

Here is a Victorian vanity tray that is my own:  with two shots of it:  this is brass and glass and sterling and a work of art, if I may say so.

this also is my own mirror which is a family piece below

Head vases often graced the dressing table or vanity in those days.

A 1950's style dressing table with the little arms that swung away holding the skirt. And below a close up

of the items on top.

And all vanities held perfume bottles.

Some great powder items and the ever handy overnight or train case.

A little memory book,  this one by Fanny Farmer.

Some beautiful vanity items with a trinket box and hat pin holder.

An old perfume bottle, autographed photo of Shirley Temple, and a book are items you might see.

An old standby from the 40's and 50's that was sold in every 5 and 10 cent store across the nation was
the Evening in Paris perfume.  Nothing like Chanel believe me.

Not to be left out,  the compacts that every well dressed and groomed woman had to have.

And a batch of greeting cards from friends and family. Sometimes these would have been tucked into the  mirror frame on the dressing table.

I remember my great grandmother who had this type vanity in her bedroom and would allow me to sit there when I visisted her and experiment with cosmetics and her jewelry. I loved these visits with her. I was her oldest grand daughter and allowed this little privilege. This was as late as the late 50's.
This concludes our memory tour of the essential dressing table or vanity of days gone by.


Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful pieces!

Pie Lady Pat said...

Lovely trip down memory lane.... thank you! I found a child's kidney-shaped dressing table with matching bench at an estate sale last summer. It has the little arms that swing out and I plan to give it a coat of paint and skirts.