Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Children's toys from times past

Today I would like to show some items here in the store that are children's toys from past years, but can show only some since we have an extensive collection for sale.

The best of show I think is this small German stove which is very old. On top of it you will see the original
utensils of copper. I love this since I love blue and white. And next to it is a small iron kitchen scale from the
1920's. It is shown with some of the oven doors open.
Next is a group of cash registers:
At one time we had a person's whole collection of these but are now down to only 3 registers and this safe.
Note the pink one at the top.
And next is a pretty doll from the 40's or 50's:
Then another doll from same era:

Pretty hat!!!

And a set of 1950's Disney puppets:  one is Peter Pan and the other is Tramp
I love old toys too and have quite a collection at home. My son and I collected most of them which makes them more special to me and in time they will go to him.

Next is a child's tea set.  It is made by Villeroy and Boch and in original box. It is more a collectible than an actual toy I would guess. Unless you had a very careful child.

What made me think to do a post on old toys is for two reasons:

First of all, cleaning up after the gift opening at home on Christmas morning and seeing some photos of the grandkids opening theirs.
 Then secondly, I was responsible for decorating under the Christmas tree at the
Museum House where I volunteer as a docent. They had quite a collection of rare old toys which I may later do a post on when I go on January 3 to un-decorate there. The Garden Club did the rest of the Christmas decorating in the house.

Next, a couple of Cowgirl suits and a Cowboy suit fromt he 50's also.

These were quite popular in the 50's because of all the Western movies.  All boys wanted to be Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, Tex Ritter,  Rocky Lane or others and girls wanted to be Annie Oakley or Dale Evans.

Some child's toy furniture  next: 

My grand daughter loves this little blue set of dresser and chest and plays with it when she comes to visit Gram in the store. She heads straight in that room and begins to prepare for a tea party for which I am the only guest.
The rubber cat on top of the dresser is old also. These were common for babies in the 50's and we also have a rabbit here.

Next another little yellow painted dresser which is not quite as large:
On it is a tin set of furniture actually made of tin cans.

We have here an old kaleidescope and trophy with original Primer book.
And another doll with a travel case which girls loved in the 40's and 50's. She was composition material.
And another view of the trunk alone: 

And as little girls liked to have items for overnight trips to Grandma's or to visit a friend there is this little case:

Several other toys:
Small ships that were the toys of a boy with polio in 1941 when World War II began: His wife told me his parents bought him things he could play with while confined to bed.
Tom Thumb typewriter

A stuffed autograph hound which would have been for an older child in the 40's and 50's.
A small brown stove which I really wanted as a child, my Dad had played Santa to my aunt's kids who would have had nothing one year and I knew this. But when I saw my cousin with this stove I was jealous even though I had received plenty.  Not a good thing to confess here but something I have always remembered and am sorry to have felt that jealousy when they had nothing and I had so much. I never did get one though. Dad thought it was a lesson I needed to learn and guess I did.
So here is the guilt that I see every time I pass the section where this dealer displays it.
I must admit to still liking it. But have grown less greedy I hope.

And next after the confession, paper dolls which I often received and loved.  I have to tell though of my sister Joyce who never knew how to properly care for and play with paper dolls even though I told her many times. She would lick the tabs on and ruin them. Therefore she did not get her hands on mine unless I was away and she found them where I hid them in our shared room.

A globe savings bank  was a popular gift in the 40's and 50's. We have two here in the store right now.  My aunt had one of these.

Boys loved the tootsie toy cars like these.

A nice little push cart that looks quite old that one of our dealers brought in.

Here are a pair of 40's to 60's skate cases which some teen surely wanted for Christmas.

And to the finale which is another star of the show: 

a 1930 doll house made for some little girl by her Daddy. It speaks to me. It shows such love by the builder for the child who received it.
This concludes my post on toys that children enjoyed receiving on Christmases past. Now this is also meant to provoke some thoughts and posts of your own about old toys and especially one you might have had that you remember well.  I have confessed to my great obsession so let's hear yours on my comments.
Happy New Years.


Pie Lady Pat said...

What a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing. I have a doll's small wardrobe with drawers made of varnished wood with decals that I just love. Waiting 'til my toddler granddaughter is interested in doll clothes!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Love love love seeing all these old toys! Have a terrific New Year!
Take Care,

Laurie said...

How fun! I love the wonderful collection of vintage toys. The German stove and the cash registers are great!

Happy New Year to you!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Hi there. So nice to come across your blog with antiques. My husband and I are collectors of some and we just love it as a hobby. These old toys are fantastic. I am following along now and would love to have you do the same.

JUST ME said...


Thanks for the nice comment you left the other day, I will need to try massages. I don't get that done that often. Appreciate it.

have a great new year 2011

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...
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Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

We enjoyed our visit with you this past week. You have a lovely shop.