Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to work

So the time off has gone and we are back!!!
(Not willingly I must add.)
The Christmas days off were wonderful and restful at the same time. We are refreshed and ready to begin
the new year in a few days. The store has been busy today with lookers. There have been only 2 sales.
At least people are out and about which is encouraging.
I am partially un-decorating today. The greenery is shedding badly so I am taking some of it down.
I loved looking at it and smelling the fresh scent. But time has come to go back to without.
As I look around the store I came  upon a display of old bottles and decided to post about those.
Here you see 3 bottles in a crystal bowl. One of them is a rat poison bottle and has an etched rat on the side.
Here is a close up of the bottle trying to capture the picture:
Kind of unusual I think.  And some other old bottles around here:
And green:

Apothecary bottles
Are you ready for the new year?
Happy New Year.

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