Friday, February 25, 2011

Flea Market Style magazine

Congratulations to Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques Vintage blog.  She was listed as one of the favorite blog sites in this spring/summer issue.  I had a difficult time finding it but finally ordered it online.  It arrived
in less than a week. None of the stores here seemed to carry it although I have bought the magazine here before.
Theresa goes everywhere to take pictures of stores, shows and house shows and supports each of those she writes about. Her energy is tireless, her husband a saint, and I have never met another person who sells at Warrenton or other shows just like her. She works harder than any one I know, she runs all over the state of Texas. She must keep the gasoline companies in the money with all the miles she travels.  She is certainly a
roving ambassador for antiques in Texas. In addition she works full time at her "real" job and   has a booth in an antique store all at the same time.
Each season she shows at Zapp Hall in  Warrenton and hosts a blog party on Sunday night. Her hospitality is overwhelming.  She never meets a stranger.  No one else does more to promote blogging or antiquing than Theresa. 
You will recognize her by her sweet smile.
Congratulations Theresa, and well deserved, Sister.


Sue said...

I was so happy to see Theresa's blog mentioned in the magazine. I always love her posts and get to see ALL the goes on in Texas! One of my dealers, Tim, was featured in the magazine too. He was the one with the birdhouse. Nice to see faces I recognize!

Take care, Sue

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh Lois, you are so super sweet to publish this post! Can't wait to see you in Warrenton even though I could come and see you next week, I think I'll do that!! Have a great weekend, T

PS. Don't tell Cruz he's a saint, he might just start acting like one :)