Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today we went to the local plant places to find geraniums but guess I am rushing things a bit!!! Very few
geraniums out but I did buy 2 baskets full of blooms about to open. I am so anxious for springtime to arrive
that I want to decorate at once.  The Redbud trees are in full bloom and I also noticed some saucer magnolias so the real stuff is soon to follow.  I mainly speak of the azaleas.
We have company coming from CA. in 2 weeks so hoping they arrive to see the azaleas this time.  Last visit we had from them they arrived just after the show when all the blooms were falling off the bushes.
Inside I am trying to get the house ready for guests. That is not nearly as much fun as the outside but it has to be done. The windows have yet to be washed since we do not do that during the winter months.

The blue guest bedroom is ready and the rose guest bedroom is almost ready for guests.  I wanted to remove the down comforters and put them away in the cedar closet as well as change out the bedspreads for a lighter spring version.
Lots still to do and today is my day off.  This spring cleaning does not work like it did when I was a kid and my Mom would have us all doing various chores and seems like to me it  only took one day.  Do you remember doing this?  Of course, I had a stay at home Mom so maybe that is why. 
Those nostalgic and wonderful days are  gone except in memories.
My sister Joyce and I loved the job of beating the rugs and mattresses when they were hauled out to sit in the sun all day.  I remember us running and jumping into the beds and Mom catching us and having to wipe those grins off our faces or face a little punishment.  It was very hard to do without giggling.
Today brought out all these memories of earlier years in my life and how much fun we could have doing ordinary things like beating rugs.
I read somewhere that memories are all that can not be taken from you, however that is not true either for dementia or altzheimers patients.
But for today when I am still in my right mind, or as much as I have ever been, these memories are mine.

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