Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bath sets in Victorian times

Sometimes we forget how it was to live before running water and deep bathtubs to be used for relaxing after a long day.  Our grandmothers had china bath sets which they
used to contain water for washing and soap and slop water afterwards as well as the
chamber pot.  They did not have time for lounging in the tub.  Today these sets are beautiful and haunting reminders of an earlier time.
Let me show you a few in my possession:
Old family piece above in white ironstone with gold lettering.
Another in white ironstone.  Can you tell which I like best?  Yes, white ironstone.

Ironstone chamber pot which is part of a bath set.  With cup and other pieces from local estate.
Pink English set  with the usual old markings

This one is quite beautiful.  The colors are much nicer than you can see here.
And below a pretty ironstone set:
And the best one is this ivory and pink English set:

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diane mason peterson said...

Beautiful! Love them all! Ironstone is my favorite....Diane