Saturday, May 28, 2011

French Linen

I am getting such an inventory of  new old stock  French linens that my friend Bea suggested I might change the name of the store to French Linens or something like that.  We laughed at the time;  however it is apparent it could be true now with all these wonderful un-used antique French linen pieces.  I still have boxes to unpack.  Since I spend some time with each box oohing and aahing as I unpack each wonderful item,  it does take some time to get these items priced and displayed. 

I will show you just some of the items:
Tea towels from 1930 that have been packed away for all these years.

Tablecloths, napkins, napkin holders.
Tablecloths, napkins, napkin holders

Many items done in red threads.
Vintage Art Deco towels still wrapped.
Sheets which have never been unpacked from their original ribboned packing.

Many items are also monogrammed such as the sheets to the right. For a trousseau for a wedding that never happened?

Most all these items came from Bea's wonderful collection she brought with her from France when she moved to the US.

Above in the cabinet are tablecloths, napkins and fabrics which have never been used.  Cashmere, toiles, metis, pure linen. Yards of it. 

Wonderful pillow shams  or down cases of all different sizes and fabric
Beautiful pristine  usused linen, cotton, or metis gowns, as well as a few silk.

Christening gowns for babies:
wonderful christening gowns for babies  These are from different eras as early as 1800's.The needlework is amazing.

Laces of all types used in France: 

Lingerie cases and boudoir cases where the ladies kept their personals, keepsakes, letters from their lover.

This is a lace blouse that was never worn. Wonderful workmanship.In the weeks to come I will show more of the lace pieces.  Some are still packed.

French buttons, many mother of pearl. We have cards and cards of these.
Sewing trims and other items. Old spools.

 Books from the 1800's to 1940's on needlework and embroidery. 

A Dior hat.
So many other items to come.  This is all I had time to take pictures of today.  Added the little handmade bag from the French Alps.
 Goodbye see you soon.

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Pie Lady Pat said...

Oh, my, I would think I'd died and gone to heaven if I saw all these lovelies in person. Fabulous!