Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sheperd Hill has closed

I was so sad today when a neighbor store owner told me that my favorite store, Shepherd Hill here in town had closed.
I have posted on it before.  Here are some of the pictures I have shown through the time they were there.  They had a great cafe, carried lots of decor items no one else in town carried.
Debbie has a great style.  I have shopped with her for decorating items such as flowers, gifts,
and enjoyed her Cafe several times.  I believe in supporting local business. 
I got lots of ideas from her too. 
She worked very hard in her store.  She had a good chef in her kitchen for her Cafe. 

I hate to say this but this is happening all over.  Small businesses, no matter how good the decorating is,
cannot make it in the current market.  We will be seeing  more of this. We may be next, who knows.
Whatever they are doing in Wash. DC is not working. I try to not be political, but that is how I feel.
Dreams are being lost.  Goodbye Debbie and Shepherd Hill.  I will miss you.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

It is sad Lois. I usually walk by there everyday for "inspiration" and when I saw the sign on the door and no plants outside I knew something was up? I hope she finds a new location soon, at least that's what she said is that she was looking. Thanks too for my birthday wishes, have a great day, T