Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Antique Belt Buckles

Some of these are from my own collection and some are for sale in the store:
Above is a French belt buckle.

wonderful hand painted looks like peacock

This belt buckle set is glorious and colorful.
Several rhinestone buckles.
the one above is also from France

this set is gutta percha.  It does not look as shiny as it does in real light.
Two brass buckles with stones.
here is a wonderful hand painted buckle.  the roses are the prettiest ever

Take a look at this beauty.

Some others shown with the last one.

this set speaks for itself.  3 pieces with the original velvet belt

Another of my own collection above.  3 pcs.

Bakelite set.

this set is my favorite.  Also I am showing the backs.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my belt buckles from the past.  Some are for sale here.


Nelly said...

I wouldnt be able to let any of them go.They are so lovely.

fabriquefantastique said...

what a super collection, specially like the enamel one.

Sea Witch said...

What a lovely post. I adore old buckles myself and have a few of what you shared on this post. Sea Witch

Belt buckles said...

Can you provide the info that in how much bucks i can get the Belt buckles of some nice qulaity as I am considering on having collection that suits with my different dresses