Monday, August 29, 2011


Two years ago we planted wisteria on our then new pergola.  We have nurtured this plant, watched it grow in size and coverage, and hoped for a beautiful flower display "someday".  I was told not to expect this for
2 or 3 years.
Now last week I happened to be in that area of the yard about something else and looked up and saw the wonderful burgundy blossoms of our wisteria vine.  Well, was I surprised!!!!
First, I expected purple.  When we purchased this vine we asked the nurseryman for purple, the most common color for wisteria.
Seondly, with all our drought I did not expect to even see it surviving as it has.  The blooming has just began.  I expect more. 
I am now the proud mama of a flowering wisteria vine.

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