Saturday, August 13, 2011

Roses everywhere

I saw on another blog I follow how there was a shortage of beautiful rose floral pieces of china. 

Seems no one checked with me as I have quite a selection  and since the Replacemetns Ltd.
man has not come around for nearly 2 years,
guess I will have some on hand for some time,

even if a buyer came in tomorrow wanting 20 of these beautiful items. 

I have many many floral,  with roses mostly, cake plates, luncheon plates, and all around
cups and saucers, other items.  

I have not done a post on this before but if there is still interest then I think I should.

There are all variations of roses on these many plates.

Some are from France, Prussia, Germany and England.

This one a little softer style of roses.

This is a luncheon set.

This one is not JUST roses but very lovely.

Coalport plate.

I have many more that are not shown.

And one more that is not pink.  But a favorite anyway.

We are grateful for any who travel here to Huntsville to shop in  the 7 antiques shop in the area.
We have 6 downtown and one on Highway 190.   Make it a day and also see the local museums
while here and eat at some of our great restaurants.
The Huntsville Antique Show is coming up soon in Sept. so plan on being here for that.  We are
sure there will be plenty to see there but after you do come on into the Downtown Courthouse Square and
see what the antiques stores have for you too. If you need more info call me or email.
The Fair on the Square is coming up the first Saturday in October which is 30 something years old.
Lots to do there. It will be cooler, we hope by then.


Cynthia at Shabby Friends said...

Callie, the rose collection is just fabulous. What it is about roses that makes so us happy? Thanks for sharing. Cynthia

Curtains In My Tree said...

I would love to make a trip to Texas to shop in your shops

i like all the roses dishes as much as any one