Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Time and the living is HOT!!!! At least in Texas

I was sitting here thinking of how hot it is and decided to do a post on things that used to cool us off
in our childhoods or our parents' childhoods.  Lots has changed.

A long time ago in the early 1900's this is the type swimsuit they would wear and it is made of wool.
Can you imagine getting into the water and how heavy this would have been, not to mention the scratching
from the wool.

Most everyone would have loved a large glass of lemonade to while away the hours!!!

Sitting on the porch is another thing enjoyed during the warmer months:
The heavy old portable fan nearby.

Men wore their straw hats
Women wore their straw hats too with large brims for out in the sun.

Of course men wore their Hawaiian shirts.

Little girls in their frilly dresses.
And at night the minimum cotton night gown.

And lots or reading if you could find a cool place.  I read so much in the summers to escape the heat and to be in exciting places.

I often wonder how people stood the extreme heat.  Now we complain even with air conditioned cars and
homes and offices.  I remember when I was a child we did not have air conditioning in home or car.  And we made do with cooling off with a fan in the windows drawing the hot air out if I remember correctly.

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Shabby Friends said...

Oh my. Just discovered your blog. Love it. I grew up in San Marcos and we cooled off by running after the DDT truck in the summer when it came down the street to kill mosquitoes. The mist was soooooo refreshing. I guess that ages me terribly.
I will continue to follow you. Cynthia