Monday, August 1, 2011

Excelsior Hotel in Jefferson Texas

On our recent trip to Eureka Springs  Arkansas we returned through Little Rock to Texarkana and then on to Jefferson Texas.  This used to be a riverboat town in early Texas history from the 1800's.  Riverboats
would come up this way until the River rerouted and it was cut off.

Many homes and businesses still exist from the Riverboat era of Texas.  The Excelsior Hotel is one such
and has been in this location since 1850.  Here is the front lobby.

And the front door which has been receiving guests for all these years.
We have stayed here once before many years ago.  It was very nice and the breakfasts in the dining room are huge and delicious.  We could also choose the conservatory which we did.  It ws full of sunshine and a view of the garden. 
The main dining room is lovely and authenic. 

Back to the lobby:


And here:
Ever since the  Garden Club has taken over the operation and funding of the hotel, the gardens have constantly improved.  Here is the main fountain:

Fountain in courtyard

Turtle that lives in the fountain

My husband while we had coffee in the garden.  Myself also.

Some other shots of the garden:  this indoor hall tree is used for a plant stand.  They had 3 more.

I think we were so tired from all the driving/riding from Eureka Springs that we did not do much in
Jefferson this time but sleep and eat breakfast before leaving for home.  Of all the places we stayed
home was best.

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