Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Books Books Books

I have always loved books!!!! 
I remember books in childhood which were read to me.  And then books in school.  The bookmobile in
summer where we were allowed to check out only 2 books every two weeks when they came around again. 
We lived in the country and our closest small town did not even have a library then. 
I remember coaxing my younger sister into letting one of her selections go to me since she did not really
care to read anyway.  I lived for reading then.  So I would get to check out 3 every two weeks. 
Later on there were plenty of books available to me and as a pre teen I read every Nancy Drew book ever written. 
 Did you see the Country Living article last month showing prices for some of these older ND books?  I was floored!!!  I have all of them here in the store.

Today I still love books and cannot imagine why  anyone would choose a Kindle over a real life hold in your hands book. 

I especially love antique books. In the store I have an extensive selection of antique rare and first edition books for sale.

When I sell one I know that the person who buys it is just like me and loves to hold
that old book and cherish it forever.  It is just going on a  new adventure to another's care. 


Pie Lady Pat said...

I'm in total agreement. My first experience with a library was the bookmobile that visited our rural southern Michigan two-room schoolhouse. In junior high I often walked the mile to town to visit a "real" library to borrow "real" books!
Nothing like 'em.

susan said...

You are inspiring!!! I just found your blog, I like it because i was seeking for such type of info.
I hope it benefits all one who land up here.
Thanks for sharing!!