Tuesday, November 22, 2011

no posts recently

I am sorry I have not had time to post recently.
My son went into the hospital for surgery on his back and ended up with two surgeries
and still not had his back fixed.  He has had a fight for his life. We were at the hospital for over
2 weeks.  I had others working the store for me, one was Bette who I hired to work and the other my sister Deb who worked days free for me. Without her help I could not have made it.
We appreciate any prayers in his behalf. His name is Larry.
Thank you,


Nelly said...

I hope he is doing much better by now.What an awful thing to go thru.My hubby has a very bad back but no op can fix it as its nerve damage so he is in pain most days.
Thoughts are with you and Larry

Pie Lady Pat said...

Prayers for you and Larry....