Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

As many of you know this has been a bad month for my family.  My son's back surgery went bad
and he had that failed surgery plus one a few days later to correct that but still has not had anything
done for his back.
It is so easy with all the care for him and the trips to and from the Dr. and trying to run the store with
others being paid to work for me, well it is more than I almost can bear.
But as usual, God gives comfort even in the most unusual places where this all had taken us.
My shopping for Christmas this year will likely be online.  I am the one who always refuses to shop
anywhere but locally but this year may be different for me.  Sorry all you local stores.
There are still the small ones to buy for, grandchildren, who won't understand that we have been
fighting all month for my son's life.  They will expect those good things that come along at Christmas.
We may end up with a simple meal for Christmas this year but that does not hurt anyone.
But for all of us, the main thing this year and every year is the reason that we celebrate Christmas.
We celebrate Jesus' birth and there is no other reason.  This is not a holiday season and I refuse to
say happy holidays.  This is CHRISTMAS.
So to each of you who follow along with me, I hope things improve and can again post some things
soon.  For now, please know I am sincere in wishing each of you and your families a very happy
PS:  The picture on my header is one I got from free images on the internet and I certainly hope it does not belong to someone who does not want to share it but I was very careful in trying to find one with meaning that was not a snowman or bells or santas.  That is why I specified that it said free images. If not, please notify me and I will be glad to remove it.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lois, so sorry to hear about your son. I'll pray he is better and things improve. Blessings my friend.