Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New hopes

Hello to all you in blogger land!!! 
I have been away for a couple of months due to my son's botched surgery.  He is healing finally but
the nerve damage in his hand has not gone.  Please add him to your prayer list.
I am at the store now regularly again.  He is staying now with his son who can pop in and out to check on him during the day.  He sleeps allot at this point in his recovery.  I have to run him to all his DR appts.
It seems strange after all we have been through to even think of decorating and antiques and anything trivial but now I am back at work most of the time, I am afraid I have to do so.
Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers.

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Ryan said...

That's a lovely statue of our Blessed Mother!