Thursday, January 12, 2012


A few months ago we visited the little place called Independence Texas.  At one time in the 1800's there was a college there.  Ruins below in 2 pictures.

 We enjoyed this trip back in time viewing the old houses and ruins in that area.  Lots to see there.
The hero of Texas Independence, Sam Houston visited here often because his mother in law lived here in the community.  His wife who died after himself was buried here.

Sam, himself is buried here in Huntsville.  On his birthday each year, which is March 2, the same as the day that Texas delcared their independence from Mexico our local Historical Commission has many events
to celebrate with Houston decendants coming to participate.  Check the Walker County Historical Commission web site to get this info which is being planned now.  We met last evening to make these

I will also post more about this in the weeks to come.  Perhaps pictures after the event.
My husband James is my model for these pictures.  We enjoyed our little visit or stopover to see this old community near Brenham.

All this area is where Texas was planned and where our ancestors fought for the right to be the Republic of Texas, and later a state of the United States.
There is enough to see to warrant a stopover here in Independence. 

There is so much more to see.  You can roam around and peek in windows.  Well, some of them.  Not those that are lived in of course.

Totally natural landscape too

.  My husband liked this old gas pump we saw.

Down the road is the famous Antique Rose Emporium. 

Another lovely scene:

And more:

Remember this was in the springtime

Everywhere you looked there is another beautiful area to behold.

And this little house, I know you have seen it before when Theresa Cano did a post on it with her mother standing in the doorway.  Has anyone ever said here what a nice lady her mother is? 
I am sure they have.

So this concludes the visit to the Independence community near Brenham and not far from Roundtop and Warrenton if you are in the area.

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