Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dallas Market

In the later part of January we spent our usual 2 days at the Dallas Market with friends Diana and Garry.
As usual it was toooooooooooooooooooo  much to see in such a short time but I managed to purchase a few things to be shipped to me.
This scene from Parkhill Collection.  
Now I am anxious for the shipment to arrive.

A new thing this year at the Cash and Carry Market was the vintage sellers.  I loved their booths and
met a few who I have followed in blog land.  One was a favorite from MO. and they also show at
Roundtop.  A few years ago I posted about their booth where they were then at La Bahia Show
and how it was my favorite of all the booths at any show.  Yes,  if you guessed, it is Seed Box Antiques.
I love their booths and their items they sell. 

Their booth at the Dallas Market was just as interesting and I bought a few things fom them.  I hope Dallas
Market will continue with this section.
I also ran into Skip to my Lou again with her found objects jewelry.  She is so talented.  I hope she did well.
She has bought from me before in my store. 

Above the item she  made with the antique belt buckle she bought from me.  Be sure to look her up.

We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel and were there on the grounds of the Market which made it very
Diana and Garry again celebrated year number 41 anniversary.  It was fun and the men did not mind too much since they had each other to sit and visit with.  Until next year, maybe we will do it all again.

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